Toddler menu of choice

8 Nov

Jasmine has now reached the quirky toddler age of 26 months, although her attitude seems to be of a bossy 3 year old these days. One of our most recent battles seem to be over meal times. Whilst mummy spends roughly 30 minutes to an hour preparing a home made nutritious meal cooked with love, Darling daughter decides to have a few little bites tell me she doesnt like it, then fight her way out of the dinner chair and go on to request whatever she can see in the fridge. Tonight’s meal of choice consisted of some cold leftover spagetti from yesterday, tinned tuna, with cucumber and some sliced cherry tomatoes dipped in milk!!!

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    Could having a toddler be a new fitness craze..

    19 Jul

    Think about it, on a daily basis us mummy’s spend;
    2+ hours picking up and putting down at least 15 kilos
    30 minutes frantically searching all over the house for a hair brush/ tooth brush/ keys etc
    30 minutes chasing the child around trying to brush their hair/teeth/ get them dressed
    4+ hours carrying around a 15 kilo or more lump in your arms
    1 hour dancing with them to try get them to nap (on desperate days) or when that fails,
    1 hour walk around the block pushing 17 kilos or more (pushchair and baby)
    2+ hours running round chasing them in the park/street/house or wherever they decide to run away from you
    90 minutes cleaning up after them once they’ve gone to sleep
    Plus the added bonus of walking in and out of a room 100 times when they decide to call out to you instead of going to sleep.
    That must total up quite a few calories there.

    Mummy says:

    9 Jun

    “So pleased I wore a green top today, now all the peas I’ve just had spat over me won’t notice…”

    Mummy says:

    7 Jun

    There are something’s I thought I’d never say, until now:

    At the dinner table: “Jasmine that’s tomato sauce, not soap. You can’t wash your hands with tomato sauce”

    31 May

    For some reason we’ve gotten into a routine of sitting on the kitchen floor for our bedtime yoghurt..?!


    Boom mummy

    31 May

    Jasmine just ran up to me with a pair of shoes, said “Boom, mummy” then smacked me round the head with them as hard as she possibly could! Oh how I love her craziness!!!!!

    29 May

    Took Jasmine swimming today for the first time since last summer (she wasn’t even one year old then) what a difference. And what a fantastic afternoon. Best afternoon we’ve had in a while too. Made such a change, at first she clung to me for her life like a baby monkey, then as her confidence built up she didn’t even want me to touch her as she stood on the steps. She couldn’t work out why I wouldn’t let go of her in the water, she didnt understand that she can’t swim.


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