Making goop

When it starts to rain and you find yourself stuck with nothing to do with your toddler, make goop, simple yet effective boredom buster



To make our goop we used, water flour, cinnamon and salt to sprinkle and then tipped cups of pasta shapes into the mix. J especially enjoyed picking up flour in her hands and blowing it at our dog.


7 Day Slim

Back in January a my best friend from the UK came over to visit, “Would you like me to bring you anything?” She asked me. To her surprise I asked for a copy of the Vicky Pattison 7 Day Slim Workout DVD. I´d never been to a gym or even worked out in my entire life but I decided that summer would soon be here and I could no longer use the excuse “I had a baby” anymore seeing as J would be nearly 3 by then. So after seeing the ads and hearing Vickys promises of just 10 minutes a day it sounded like a perfect way to squeeze in a little bit of exercise once Jasmine had gone to bed.

I actually ended up loving this DVD. I started doing the recommended 10 minutes a day and after a week I was addicted and started doing 2 of the workouts a day instead of just one. The workout itself is only 7 minutes long after warming up and the cool down and to be honest once its started and you just get into it its finished to its very tempting to go onto try the next work out and so on. By the end of my first month I was completing all 6 workouts a day. I felt great, I had something for me once J had gone to bed, it helped me ease off my stresses from the day (and worked a lot better than my regular glass of wine did) and I slept much better and felt happier with myself.

7 Day Slim was a great start for me and really opened my eyes into the world of fitness and healthy eating. The DVD also includes a diet plan too, which I loved as Peanut butter and banana on toast is one of the breakfast meals. One of my faves.Id recommend this DVD to anyone even thinking about starting up a fitness regime or wanting to try something different. Id never been into fitness but then Id never tried it, now I dont think id be able to go back to not working out. Since 7 day Slim i´ve done the Team Beachbody Brazil Butt Lift and I´m currently on my 5th week of the Insanity workout. Both of which I will cover in different posts (I dont want to completely bore anyone whos not interested in fitness today)

7 day slim

Ps -I wasnt asked to review this DVD I just wanted to share my experience with you all and hope that if anyone is looking for a little extra motivation this might help :)

How to prepare yourself for a 2 year old

1- Buy a carton of milk and a carton of orange juice put each in a sippy cup and walk around the house dripping them over the floor as you go. Get a second carton of milk and just pour the whole thing over the sofa, forget to clean it up until it starts to smell.

2- Get someone to switch the light on and off continuosly as you cook dinner, brush your teeth, try to get dressed or do anything that requires your toddler to sit still for a moment.

3- Dip your hands in ketchup and rub them all over your nice clean white dress / shirt / trousers

4- Fill a rucksack up with bricks to a weight of around 16 kilos, practice carrying it on your front around the house, going upstairs and downstairs, to the supermarket and back whilst holding shopping bags and in and out of the car.

5- Find your tallest piece of furniture where you´d keep valuable items like perfume, jewellery and anything you want out of your toddlers reach, then put up a shelf atleast a metre higher than this. They will find a way to get to it otherwise.

6- Get out your best lipstick and draw all over the walls / curtains / dog

7- Get someone to continuosly chant “mummy mummy mummy mummy mummy mummy mummy mummy…..” everytime you are trying to have a conversation

8- Find a song you like and put it on repeat everytime you go somewhere in the car. If you change it be prepared for a little person so scream “again, again, again, again, again” until you play it again

9- Read 2 lines of a childrens book, turn the page, read another 2 lines, turn the page, read another 2 lines turn the page, and so on until youve been through the book a total of 5 times.

10- When you go out for a walk, walk behind an ant, get used to this speed, make sure to stop at every step, drain, window, bench until you reach your destination. Add an extra 15 minutes on for pee pee stops.