Could having a toddler be a new fitness craze?

Think about it, on a daily basis us mummy’s spend;
2+ hours picking up and putting down at least 15 kilos
30 minutes frantically searching all over the house for a hair brush/ tooth brush/ keys etc
30 minutes chasing the child around trying to brush their hair/teeth/ get them dressed
4+ hours carrying around a 15 kilo or more lump in your arms
1 hour dancing with them to try get them to nap (on desperate days) or when that fails,
1 hour walk around the block pushing 17 kilos or more (pushchair and baby)
2+ hours running round chasing them in the park/street/house or wherever they decide to run away from you
90 minutes cleaning up after them once they’ve gone to sleep
Plus the added bonus of walking in and out of a room 100 times when they decide to call out to you instead of going to sleep.
That must total up quite a few calories there.

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