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Catch up

So sorry that I haven’t really posted in over a month, feeling rather guilty today so I thought I’d post an update. Basically I just wanted some time to myself, just to relax and get in some well deserved early nights.
So what’s happened in the last month….
Well it was Js first birthday on the 6th September, which I will write about in a separate post as I know it will be one I will want to look back on in the future. May even post some photos if your lucky. :) I have already drafted it down but just not gotten round too posting yet, oooopsie.

J is walking now, pretty much unaided within the last day or so, she pushes my hand away when she has a burst of confidence to toddle off by herself.
She took her second lot of “first steps” on her birthday and since then she’s just proceeded further and further, now she’ll walk to pick up her toys and then walk off with them, or if I walk away she follows me. It’s so cute to see her walking around but everytime I watch her I get a flashback of this tiny little bundle of baby curled up in my arms. Everyone told me the time goes so fast, and I knew it would but I didn’t realize it would go THIS fast.

The second main milestone hit this month would also be her speech, she is picking up words so easily, each day there’s a couple of new ones, she’ll point at things that she wants to say know, so when I tell her what it is she tries to copy me, it’s adorable. She calls the dog lala (nala) and dog, cat, baar (and points at her bears) today she’s been learning air (my hair) and lie (light) heehee. So amazingly cute. Ah and she says no in a Spanish accent, no no no. I Love it. The cutest NO ever that I just have to do what she wants.

And last but not least she is sooooo funny these days, she pulls off her socks and smells them, then screws her nose up and makes a sniffing noise, then I’ll say to her “poo your feet smell” and she smells them too. :)

So there’s my catch up, I hope to get back into blogging again, but you know how it goes, put baby to bed, clean up, clean up toys, clean off the yoghurt that’s been splattered all down your arm, clean the yoghurt that’s also splatted all over the window/sofa/floor/ceiling/dog, Wash up about 1000 dishes, dry about 1000 dishes (I need a dishwasher), ironing, hanging out the washing, this list goes on….. And then after that all I want is a hot chocolate and bed.

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